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We don't fix Brevilles

We have specialized in repairing Saeco coffee machines for several years. Our mandate is to revive at your machines, whether through routine maintenance or repair.

The cost of the estimate is $50 non-refundable. The hourly rate is $80/hr, (parts not included).
Each repair is guaranteed for 6 months on labor and 6 months on parts replaced.

Bring your machine with all its accessories so that we can test it properly.

Models we can supply: Odea - Talea - Syntia - X-small - Vienna - Incanto - Intelia - Aroma - Via Venezia - Via Veneto - Exprellia - Philips - Xelsis - Royal - Cafe Grande - Avanti - Capri - Parma - trieste - Ascaso - Dream - Steel - Aulika - Pico Baristo - Rancilio - Silvia

To save time, you can fill out this form linked below and return it when you drop off your machine.


  We believe in courteous and personalized service, knowing that sometimes situations beyond our control can arise. Therefore, each repair estimate, whether under warranty or not, will be handled on a case-by-case basis, although exceptions may be made to accommodate the customer or if there is evidence of genuine negligence in the machine usage level.


Center Caféfix reserves the right at all times to refuse a repair if its employees deem the machine to be unsanitary. Under no circumstances will Center Caféfix or any member of staff be held liable for any damage resulting from poor maintenance by the customer or in the event that a problem should arise during the repair.

The customer has 30 Days to collect the machine from the moment the customer has been contacted, after which a 10% fee will be charged to the customer. We will dispose of the machine after 60 Days if we have no news